The Brief:
For STV Edinburgh & Glasgow's magazine show Live At Five I created these VFX models for a series of VT's. The project, shot and directed by Graham Forbes, ran for a week and focussed on Rome's final frontier, The Antonine Wall.

These graphics later became part of a People's History Show special on STV main channel.  

To begin with, I constructed a Cinema 4D model of Ardoch Fort.


Bearsden Bathhouse:

I built the bath house with two main shots in mind, due to time restrictions. One shot, the external, replaces a shot by Graham with countryside and the 3D camera tracked model. 

The second shot was a quick 'walkthrough' the main building. It would have been awesome to fill this out more, and as you can tell the scene is far from finished. But it gives a good idea about how the inside would potentially look. 

The Gatehouse:
Initially I thought I could get the whole of Rough Castle done, but again having only a few hours maximum, including render time, I limited the shot down to this:

Model Breakdown:
The following images are a few shots of various models, speed was of the essence so the details weren't completed when these were put together. 

Extra renders for STV main channel:
These are a few extra bits and bobs for The People's History Show, shown on STV in September 2016.
The Shots:
These following renders are the finished articles, a few seconds here and there within the VT's. 

Thanks for having a look!

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