Enjoy over 500 Octane Materials for Cinema 4D!

Buy on Gumroad. 

Sorted into easy to access categories:

Art - Brick - Stone - Wood - Metal - Grunge - Misc - Ground - Paper - Glass

Most materials have custom bump and normal maps, with some requiring just one or the other.

I've also added in some uncategorised materials from older packs, with over 200 bonus materials as well as the 500 custom made for this pack! These bonus materials are ones I've used personally over the last year or so, and are not named or categorised (the 500+ pack ones are though!). 

Materials can be expensive, especially when bought on their own, so I've tried to make the pricing as low as possible for all. This is the perfect pack for adding to your collection of materials, or for if you want a head start when first opening up Octane in Cinema 4D. 

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